Marriage Bid Organization in Cinema

Mr. Cengiz  who wanted to keep a great rhythm in their level relationship with Miss İlknur and who wanted to prepare a marriage proposal organization in a different concept came to our office in Izmir. Mr.Cengiz, who has been searching and examining us from the internet and YouTube videos for a long time, could not decide on the marriage proposal he wanted to make.  Mr. Cengiz, who has been searching and examining us from the internet and YouTube videos for a long time, could not decide on the marriage proposal he wanted to make. As İzmir Organization team, we asked what she and İlknur lady loved. Then, in order to be able to decide on our marriage proposal organization, we pressed on and pressed ahead and witnessed the marriage proposal organizations that we signed with beautiful details. Mr.Cengiz bey decided to marry in a marriage proposal organization in the organization of the beautiful marriage proposals. His girlfriend Miss İlknur decided to reflect on his own stories on a white background, coming out of the affair of the lady’s filme and white drapes. Thus, deceiving Miss İlknur would be very easy for  Mr.Cengiz in this surprise marriage proposal organization. Mr.Cengiz Izmir After we talked about all the details in the organization office, we would wait for the calendar leaves to be poured. The number of days came quickly and we were there to prepare materials for our crew with our teammates for the first preparations of our marriage proposal organization in cinema for hours.

Surprise Marriage Bid Organization Preparations

Our team friend who had been discussing for the Mr.Cengiz marriage proposal organization was in contact with him that day and we had our places 2 hours before the organization. The weather, which was raining in the morning hours, has now delivered itself to the gray clouds. I mean, it was full movie theater. Mr.Cengiz sent us videos and photos taken at various times and places with his girl friend İlknur lady in a video clip accompanied by an extra nice melody. We have transformed the videos and photos we wanted to just into a special design and clip for them, transformed into a special form ready to be watched in the movie theater. his video clip will be reflected on the white screen starting at the second half of film. We learned that İlknur lady is a comedy movie fan, according to the hair we got from Mr.Cengiz. In Bayraklı in the movie theater, which is a popular brand in İzmir, we have just entered a movie about a comedy that suits our young couple. We made reservations the day before; a VIP cinema room with leather and comfortable armchairs. We intend to have a wonderful time for our young couple. A bouquet flower that overlaps with a balloon and wonderful wildflowers flying close to thirty were meticulously crafted to be presented to him for Miss İlknur. In order to capture the 4k view in special shooting and to shoot comfortably in the darkness of the cinema, we bought various images on the saloon and made sure of our shots and installed our machines in the cinema hall. In order to be convincing, to be crowded in the movie theater, and to be able to make secret photography, the first half of film will watch the film with our fresh couple in remote locations. Now everything was ready. Even the ticket for the young couple at the entrance of the cinema. Everything should have been convincing. Mr.Cengiz confirmed for the last time and we took our places.

White Perpetual Marriage Bid Organization

The Film’s had ten more minutes to begin. Our young couple were seen hand in hand at the door. The excitement of Mr.Cengiz  was worth seeing. Mr.Cengiz went to the ticket desk and told him he got the ticket from the internet and gave it a number. At the ticket desk, Mr.Cengiz extended the ticket we had prepared before, which was completely fiction. İlknur lady chatted to Mr.Cengiz smiling unaware of her surprise marriage proposal organization in the cinema to be done to her. Now the movie clock has arrived and one of our cinematographers, our friend, showed up to our young couple looking at the fingernail in his hand. As a team of İzmir Organization, we entered salone where we would show each other a couple of film in minute. The lights were off and the movie started. In the meantime, we started to look at the movie and watch the photos of our young couple from different angles. The first half was over and we were in the film behind our young couple. After ten minutes, our fresh couple took their seats again.

Different film trailers and commercials were finished before the second half of film. That exciting start to our marriage proposal organization in the cinema we expected. First, with a great music, and İlknur lady and Mr.Cengiz  visuals reflected on the white screen. The astonished gaze of İlknur lady turned into tears. When you see “Are you married to me?” When it was reflected on the screen, Mr.Cengiz  took the hand of Miss İlknur  and brought it to the front of the white curtain and put it on the finger of İlknur lady who is the only stone ring already prepared. İlknur lady’s answer “Yes” was never delayed. Then the couple who were holding each other began to dance. Our teammates who prolonged the red flying balloons and the bunch of flowers waiting in the movie theater, made these moments immortal with video and photo frames. As a team of İzmir organizers, we wish Ilknur and Cengiz couple happiness.