Marriage proposal organization in Bostanlı

Miss Özlem  and high dynamic and dreamlike association Mr Erdal  decided to continue her relations on the way of marriage and Miss Özlem lady decided to offer a romantic surprise marriage. He decided to work with the İzmir Organization, which is known for his professionalism in the search marriage proposal organization on the Internet. our In order to provide a perfect service to our Office Mr Erdal,  we first asked about the marriage proposal she had dreamed of. Mr Erdal  Miss Özlem  stated that Kordon is very fond of Izmir and that she is a complete sea enthusiast. We also Miss Erdal , the variety of marriage proposal organization that we have already realized; we made a presentation by supporting our sea-based offers such as marriage proposal package on the beach, marriage proposal package on the cord, marriage proposal package on the boat with photographs and video images.

Miss Erdal , who was impressed with the cordon marriage proposal organization, was sure that he liked Bostanlı very much and could finally make an offer like his dreams. Together we talked about the organizational day, the clock and the details. For Miss Erdal, we have only to wait for the day of the organization.

Emotional Marriage Bid Organization Preparations

Our cordon concept for our marriage proposal organization, which we planned to be romantic and emotionally charged, was determined and our teammates went out three hours before the agreed time with Mr Erdal  to complete our preparation details. When it came to the place where the marriage proposal was to be made, it started to rain but our organization prepared in detail and our team members planned the time in an unqualified time zone by looking at the weather forecasts. It was very important for the ambience that we would offer our pair a beautiful view of the sea for capturing images and video and catching the sunset. Mr Erdal . The most suitable place for this great surprise of Miss Özlem  was determined and installation started. Our marine lanterns, which symbolize the way of marriage they will walk together, are neatly placed next to each other on the sides of the road.  A bouquet of Özlem lady’s favorite red roses was covered with mats and decorated and Erdal Bey was placed on the bistron in order to present the ladies. The sign saying “will you marry me ?” Was hidden behind the bistrochoon. It was very important for our banners to remain secret until the moment Miss Özlem came, because this would be a totally surprising marriage proposal. Our audio system and Mr Erdal brains are ready for the songs they want to play during the marriage proposal. Our heart balloons were inflated with helium-filled gas to blow the Moonlight into the sky. At the end of the day everything was ready and our teammates were ready to take their places and wait for Mr Erdal and Miss Özlem.

Surprise Marriage Bid Organization and Surprise Moments in İzmir

Our marriage proposal organization would be surprised for Özlem lady from the beginning. We saw our approaching couple from far away and Özlem lady extended our heartfelt flying balloons to our crew. Ozlem lady, red lanterns around the carpet, volcanoes and “Will You Marry Me? “He could not hide his confusion when he saw the banner. Our couple walking hand in hand towards the red carpet among the crowd watching this romantic marriage proposal with curious eyes, hugged for a long time and Mr Erdal kneeled and made a proposal for marriage of Miss Özlem. The unforgettable moments of our pair wrapped up in the accompaniment of “YES” reply and applause were worth seeing. Then Mr Erdal, Miss Özlem introduced a special bouquet prepared by him and our young couple sipped their drinks. We wish happiness for our young couple for a lifetime.