The Marriage Bidding Organization Organized from Ankara to Izmir of The Yatch

Alperen who is in the process of organizing a marriage proposal organization for her girlfriend Cansu lady in İzmir has investigated our İzmir Organization team which has a mirror with great details and reached us via internet. Alperen, who decided to continue his marriage with his wife Cansu, wanted to make all his dreams come true with his teammates who wondered about this surprise marriage proposal organization as he imagined. Alperen, who gave us important donations about her girlfriend Cansu lady, has repeatedly stressed how much she loved the sea. From here, we were considering this emphasis when presenting our package of Alperen gem marriage proposals, and we talked about organizations that we have done before, such as a marriage proposal organization, a married marriage proposal organization, a marina marriage proposal organization and a marriage proposal organization. Alperen asked me not to have curious glances at the seaside but around. He has offered us a paternity offer for two, quiet, slightly out of sight, and a breakthrough in the bay with custom designs. Alperen bey, who had a decision to take a custody order linked to . Cansu’s lady Bostanlı, started to wait for the marriage proposal organization enthusiastically excitedly by choosing the songs to be played while entering the bed.

The Marriage Proposal Organization Prepared in the Gulf of The Yatch

After we decided on the day when he was going to marry Alperen, we chose the time together so as to match the noon of the day. Our photographer and cameraman, who will immortalize the memories on this special day of our young couple, have already come to the point where our home is bound. Approximately three and a half hours before our organization time, we began to decorate our yacht in the presence of a moss-like smell that was spectacular. First of all, on the shore where the yacht is connected; the marine lanterns symbolizing a lifelong union of our pair came together to form a path. Then the lanterns were placed and burned into the lanterns, which would symbolize the love between our young couples. Later on, there were one volcanos among the two sea lanes. Then, when the organization of the marine lanterns and the volcanoes of the ground began, a splendid red carpet, symbolizing the marriage of our young couple, was laid. The place has come to decorate our yacht. The inside and outside of the yacht was decorated with red tulles and heart balloons. The table inside the yacht was carefully arranged so that our young couple could spend time. The table inside, suples for our pair, cookie plates, chips plates, fruit and cheese plates were placed.

The romantic desk decorated with decorative bright red beads was interspersed with decorative otters to complement the concept. Dried rose petals sprinkled with romaine ornaments and love-themed light decorations were placed in certain angles of the craft. Then preparations for the outer decoration of the craft started. In order to capture the light of the middle of the day, we will fly in order to strengthen the glory and ambience, the balloons are inflated with care and decorated to a suitable corner where the Cansu lady is given. Our couple’s chilled drinks and glasses were put on the table, and the candles that burned throughout the Gulf tour were burned. All of our preparations were checked one last time and our friend, who has been in constant contact with Alperen since the beginning of the organization, has invited Alperen to the venue of the event.

Surprise Marriage Proposal And Excitement Minutes

While Mrs. Alperen and Mrs. Cansu were approaching us, Cansu saw the installation we had made as a news that she was prepared for her and she looked at the ambience of the environment with quite astonished eyes. Then Alperen began to play the song that the brain chose. Cansu lady hugged Alperen in the neck with great happiness and astonishment. Shortly after, our young couple started to walk hand in hand on the red carpet in their own singing accompaniment. At the end of his red carpet and at the entrance to the bed, Alperen had kneeled in his hand and asked what he expected from the inside, and asked the question: “Will You Marry Me?” When our team members asked about the question of Alperen gentleman, the volcanoes of the last place exploded with great splendor and at the same time the ambience of the environment strengthened the visual. Cansu gave a naive answer by saying “YES” to the lady. We have a professional photographer and cameraman with us and we have danced. As we sipped our drinks, our couple, who opened to the sea for the gulf tour, often had romantic and delightful minutes. Later on, Cansu lady and Alperen bey, who came to the yacht’s deck, flew red heart balloons inflated with helium gas to the sky. Our loving couple of the sea added these precious moments to the memorial ceremony of a celebration by exploding their chilled champagne. This pleasant marriage proposal organization was recorded so that it could later be made into a video clip. We wish a happy life like these minutes that we have at least shared a lifetime as our Izmir Organization family to our couple who shot their happiness in hundreds.